Review of SportsBetting Sportsbook

SportsBetting SportsbookIf you are seeking out a legal US sportsbook and are having problems finding a reputable one, your luck has just changed. SportsBetting is a phenomenal cure for the lack options in the states. Millions of American’s are using online bookmakers exclusively because there are so few legit land-based ones around, and many agree that the websites trump the real thing in terms of convenience, bonuses, and odds. This site is one of our favorites for many reasons.

We are going to take a thorough look at SportsBetting to show you why we like it so much. It isn’t just the industry-leading odds or the lightning fast lines; this site has character. The next many sections will tell you all about it and get you prepared to sign up today. Whether you are new to sports wagering, or a seasoned vet, SportsBetting will be your new go-to moneymaker; we guarantee it.

Frequently Asked Questions About SportsBetting

SportsBetting SportsbookThe question I am asked the most is, “What sportsbook do you use?” Then, inevitably, I am grilled on everything about SportsBetting. I am giving you the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the site so that I can save us both some time. You will learn about how the site functions as a legal US sportsbook, as well as how to sign up, make a deposit, request a payout, and achieve baller status in a minimal amount of time.

Is SportsBetting a Legal Sportsbook for U.S. Residents?

If you make the wise decision to open an account with SportsBetting, you won't have any legal issues to worry about. As is further detailed in other sections of our site, no federal law banning the act of sports betting has ever been passed, only the act of hosting or facilitating it. This means that unless you're a bookmaker or business owner that stands to profit off the act of sports betting without actually wagering yourself, you will be free from prosecution. Again, it's only the facilitation of sports betting that is unlawful, you are perfectly within your rights to merely participate in wagering with a SportsBetting account.

Can Anyone In The U.S. Join SportsBetting?

As long as you are old enough, SportsBetting will accept you with open arms. Being located in the Republic of Panama means the site bypasses individual state restrictions, as well as federal regulations, and can accept residents from all 50 states. This fortuitous byproduct of SportsBetting’s location also means that the site can allow anyone over 18 to sign up. Still, we would suggest checking out your state laws to see if they mention a betting age. Many states require bettors to be 21, and if this is the case for you, we recommend following the state’s guidelines.

Can I Trust SportsBetting with my Money?

SportsBetting SportsbookAfter learning that while it's legal to participate in sports betting but illegal to facilitate it, you may begin to wonder exactly how the SportsBetting online sportsbook accepts U.S. residents. Since this sports betting website is based overseas, they are able to work around the laws that prevent sports betting facilitation in the United States. Now, you may have reservations about trusting a foreign entity with your money, and they are understandable but completely unfounded. SportsBetting has been serving members from the United States for over 10 years, and aside from earning a loyal base of followers through their excellent business practices, SportsBetting has earned endorsements of major American media networks like MSNBC and FOX sports. It's a sure bet this pristine reputation wasn't earned easily, or overnight. The SportsBetting online sportsbook is a legitimate business, with high standards of quality and customer service. Your money will be as safe with them as it is with any major online retailer like Amazon or eBay.

How Can I Sign Up With SportsBetting?

No matter where you navigate on the page, you'll see a bright and conspicuous frame in the top right corner. A quick click and you're some basic information and an email confirmation away from placing bets. SportsBetting will ask you to verify that you are over 21, as they do not support underage sports betting in accordance with state and federal laws.

Does It Cost Anything To Join SportsBetting?

SportsBetting is 100% free to join, as any self-respecting legal US sportsbook should be. You are going to be wagering real money, so why would a site charge a fee for participating in a prestigious worldwide pastime? We can’t think of a reason, and neither can SportsBetting. Signing up is simple and you will not have to spend a penny to do it.

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Basic Information About SportsBetting’s Sportsbook

As we mentioned, SportsBetting is located in the sunny isle of Panama City, in the Republic of Panama. The owners are expat sports fanatics that have been operating the site since 1991, before the internet was in most people’s homes. The site not only has one of the world’s best sportsbooks, there is also a lively poker arena, a great racebook, and a gigantic virtual casino. While the Sportsbook is the shining jewel of the site, you will really be signing up for an entire gambling package that you could only find in ‘Vegas. Thank lord for the internet.

Deposit Methods With SportsBetting, Funding Your Account

As a special service to their valued customers, the people at SportsBetting go to great lengths to ensure that each bettor can find a deposit method most suited to their own needs by providing one of the greatest variety of deposit methods found in any online sportsbooks for U.S. citizens. SportsBetting is able to accept deposits from most major credit cards, as well as any money orders purchased from various retail outlets. They can even set up a wire service to receive money directly from your checking or savings account, receive money through any PayPal-like online wallet service that allows international transactions, or simply accept money that's been rolled over from another sportsbook. Many of these transactions come with small fees and applicable minimums and maximums, so be sure to consult with the SportsBetting team to help find the deposit method that works best for you.

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Withdrawing Money From SportsBetting

SportsBetting SportsbookAll the ease of deposit and great customer service in the world wouldn't do SportsBetting much good if they couldn't provide a great variety of ways to efficiently get money back out to their clients, so luckily they have done just that. While the preferred method of payout is always to simply receive a check in the mail, SportsBetting offers many quicker options as well. Just as with deposit methods, you may receive money from SportsBetting via a third party retail money order, a bank wire transfer, or an online wallet service similar to PayPal. Once again, these services may come with minimal fees or minimums and maximums on transactions, so be sure and check with SportsBetting to find the method that works best for you.

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SportsBetting's Bonuses & Promotions

If you think you can get some great deals from sports betting in Las Vegas, you haven't seen anything yet. When it comes to legal online sportsbooks for U.S. citizens, SportsBetting will not be outdone in the bonus department.

When you first set up your account with SportsBetting and make your initial deposit, you should be delighted to find that the folks at SportsBetting have granted you an additional 50% of your deposit in free play. Using this promotion, that's up to $500 in free money! SportsBetting is so sure you'll love what they have to offer that they're willing to throw a few rounds in on the house, because they know you'll be back.

Hold on though, because it gets even better. If you liked that sign up bonus deal, what would think of getting the same bonus for every deposit you make for the lifetime of your account? That's right, not only will SportsBetting give you free play for first signing up, you will continue to qualify for it as long as you have an account with them.

The deals don't even end there. Be sure and check out the “promotions” section on SportsBetting to see how to take advantage of refer-a-friend deals and special bonuses just for trying new features like live or mobile betting. Truly, no betting site for Americans knows the meaning of the word “deal” quite as well as SportsBetting.

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What Sports Does SportsBetting Offer To Bet On? Wager Types? Odds?

SportsBetting SportsbookIf you think your options may be limited by opting to wager on sports online rather than in person, think again. You'll never see as diverse a sportsbook as the one offered in SportsBetting, including sports and events from all around world. On top of that, you'll have access to various propositions, parlays, and what-if bets that put the books in Vegas to shame. The college ball and the ‘big four” leagues are going to be something special if you are a fan of any of them. SportsBetting really takes out all the stops and delivers the fastest lines on all games during any season, as well as the most up to date news and insider info.

As far as wager types go, SportsBetting can go from the most basic, to the most exotic. Straight wagers, totals, moneylines, and parlays are all available all the time, and the parlays allow you to string together up to 15 teams from different sports if you want. If you want to get more technical, SportsBetting allows you to buy points, place reverse bets, and offers everything from futures to 21-point teasers. You may get to thinking with all the focus SportsBetting shows on being a legal and legitimate enterprise that they may have forgotten how to make betting fun, but a quick browsing of their sportsbook will go to show you just how wrong you are.

How To Contact SportsBetting Customer Service

When it comes to customer service, SportsBetting is simply in a class by itself, and I don't mean just when it comes to legal US online sportsbooks for Americans. In addition to one of the most comprehensive help glossaries found on the entire internet, SportsBetting offers prompt email support, a live chat service, and phone lines that operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. That's right, any time, any day, someone is available to help you with any problems you may have related to your SportsBetting account or any general betting questions. Try getting that kinds of support from your local cable company or auto repair shop and I guarantee you, it simply won't provide good customer service, SportsBetting can provide a good home for the most casual sports bettor all the way up to the serious high rollers.