USA Online Sportsbook Deposits

If you've made it to this page, you're probably developing at least some interest in opening an account with an online sportsbook. That's great! You're one tiny step closer to getting the most out of your new hobby. The most important step in getting your account up and running after starting one is adding money to it, and while the ways in which you will need to make deposits to your new sportsbook account may seem complicated at first, as we work through them here, you'll see that it's really fairly simple, and that the best betting sites for United States residents will do a lot to help you along the way.

Sportsbook Deposit Methods: How To Fund Your Sportsbook Account

Unfortunately due to the Federal Wire Act of 1961 which you can read more about in our “Federal betting laws” section, funding your betting account is not as simple as merely entering your credit card number and being done with it. In order not to fall victim to this law and the hefty fines it can accrue, betting sites are often forced to find ways to work around it.

Here is some general information about the types of deposits methods that are generally accepted when making a deposit into an online sportsbook. If you see a method you like, click on it to go to a page where sports betting sites taking that particular method can be located.

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Credit/Debit Card Deposits

Although most online sportsbooks for the United States now have ways to accept deposits via any major bank or Credit Card, you may have to fill out a quick form and make sure you provide clear pictures of your photo ID. This can take several days to process, but luckily, you will only have to do it once for the life of your account before your credit card is saved, processed and ready to use for all your future depositing needs. Sportsbooks accepting Americans usually accept numerous forms of cards including Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diner's Club, JCB and more.

Wire Transfer Deposits

Most online sportsbooks will also accept wire deposits from retail wire transfer services, like MoneyGram or Western Union. While these services are certainly not as convenient as simply using your credit card from the comfort of your own home to fund your account, the results will be decidedly faster. Upon using a wire transfer service and contacting your sportsbook, you will usually be able to see the funds in your account and use them within 15 minutes, making this a great method for when you see a betting line you just HAVE to make a bet on.

Prepaid Cards

A great option when credit cards and bank debit cards fail, getting a prepaid card that is accepted by the online sportsbook you want to deposit into is a surefire way to fund your account 100% of the time. We don't suggest just running out and grabbing any prepaid gift card, as the sportsbook's cashier should always be contacted first to find out which ones they're having success with. In some cases, these can be bought online, or at a physical retailer within driving distance of your home. This option can be funded by credit/debit or with cash when purchased in-person.


One of the newest ways to fund sports betting accounts, BitCoin functions much the same way the traditional e-wallets do with two main exceptions: 1) BitCoin is its own currency which is not backed by any country. 2) There are no restrictions as to how you are allowed to spend your BitCoin. The second difference is the big one because the bigger American e-wallet companies like PayPal ban gaming transactions from users in the U.S. For more info about using BitCoin to fund sportsbook accounts, visit our page that shows sportsbooks accepting the method. From there, each sportsbook's cashier will be able to assist with anything needed.

Cashier's Check / Money Orders

The "old reliable" of sportsbook deposit options, sending a certified bank check, or money order, through the mail is a viable way to fund accounts when all other options have been exhausted. This deposit method typically isn't used because there is usually at least a seven day, or longer, turnaround time before deposits are credited to user's accounts. Contact the cashier at your sportsbook to find out if they are accepted (not every site does), and if so, to also get the address to where you need to mail the funds. Be sure to check all the details twice to avoid any delays.

Bank Transfer

Though most betting sites only use this method for payouts, a handful do still use it for USA sports betting deposits which means you should be prepared. As simple as it sounds, sending money directly from a checking or savings account (a.k.a. an e-check) is a fairly fast way to get money into your betting account, however it is not instant. As always, check around to see which betting sites currently accept this method so you may then get more details about setting up a transfer.

Transfer From Another Sportsbook

Not a viable deposit method for new bettors, transferring funds from one sportsbook to a different sportsbook would mean you already have the capability of funding a betting account. In fact, it's hard to even consider this as a deposit method, however it is a way to add funds so we had to mention it. Sportsbook transfers are usually instant and usually are not accompanied by any fees, but be careful, funds can only be transferred to a participating sportsbook.

Deposit Fees + Surcharges

Unfortunately, with quick and convenient methods of deposit also come fees. Even the most high quality legal US online sportsbooks accepting Americans will usually need to tack on a processing fee to any credit card or wire deposits. The fees can come from several sources, be they fees for switching currency (remember, most of these sportsbooks are operated overseas) transferring wire services or simply processing fees needed to keep business afloat, you're bound to run into some for every deposit you make. Rest assured that these companies will do everything they can to keep fees to a minimum, and in almost all cases will be able to charge less than 5% of your total deposit.

If you want to try and avoid fees altogether, consider investing in a re-loadable, retail gift card with international transaction capability. Although some very small fees for loading these cards may come directly from the issuing bank, many sportsbooks will accept deposits from these cards with no fees of their own. This can be a good and convenient way not only avoid the steeper fees associated with credit card or wire deposits, but an outstanding method for keeping all of your betting money organized.

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Sportsbooks That Have Easy Deposit Options

All of this can start to seem a little convoluted, but not to worry. The best betting sites for United States residents recognize that these can be a little bit of a hassle, and will go to great lengths to help you work through it. Below are a few of the better ones which we've come to rely on when betting with our own money; we know these sites can be trusted with your financial details and they employ advanced security measures in order to keep it safe.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

The good people at SportsBetting understand this struggle and that's why they've committed themselves to providing the most deposit methods possible. Not only can SportsBetting set up deposits to your account via wire transfers or even moving your money in from a different sportsbook, they are one of the only betting sites that will accept Visa, MasterCard, or Discover. There's a good chance that if you have a bank account or any major credit card at all that you have one of those symbols on it, and that means that you'll be ready to begin depositing and making bets with SportsBetting.

In addition to easy deposit methods, don't forget that SportsBetting offers some of the best long-term incentives in the business. To help you offset any fees attached to your deposits, SportsBetting will match 25% of the deposit you make in free play – for life. While it's true that most sportsbooks will offer bonus or free play as an incentive for signing up, SportsBetting is just about the only network out there that will keep offering this great deal throughout the lifespan of your account. After a couple deposits with this great deal on, you'll forget all about any menial fees you had to pay to get started.